Procedure for the Technical Sessions

Procedure On The Conduct Of Technical Committee Meeting, 13th & 14th November, 2023

The Technical Committee meeting holds on Monday ,13 and Tuesday ,14th November , 2023 , while the Council meeting to be chaired by the Honourable Minister of Health 7 Social Welfare will hold on Thursday , 16th and Friday November , 2023 .Deliberations at this Technical Session will prepare the ground and make recommendations based on the memoranda for the consideration of Council .

Unlike the previous meetings , this NCH will attempt to transit from paper to electronic documentation . All documents required will be available through the Council mobile application and web microsite . Documents on these digital platforms will only be accessible to accredited participants . The Secretariat is available to provide all supports required .

The meeting will proceed with the consideration of the following ;

  • a. The Proceedings (Minutes) of the 63rd Regular NCH meeting with corrections and observations from the meeting (Technical Session).
  • b. Implementation Status of the Resolutions of the 63rd Regular NCH meeting.
  • c. Presentations (Theme and Sub-themes) at the technical session.
  • d. All memoranda for the 64th NCH meeting are grouped according to the 5 sub-themes thus:
    • i. Building a Skilled and Motivated Workforce;
    • ii. Harnessing Evidence-based Research and Development for Better Health
    • iii. Strengthening Healthcare Access and Institutional Governance as, a Panacea for Attainment of Universal Health Coverage
    • iv. Innovative Financing for 21st Century Healthcare Agenda: and
    • v. Digital Transformation and Health Information Systems.

In most of the groups, there are memoranda from the Federal Ministry of Health & Social Welfare followed by memoranda from the States. To facilitate discussions, a summary of the memoranda has been produced to serve as a working paper for the Technical Committee. Authors of each memo will be given 5 minutes each to make brief presentation highlighting the main thrust of issues raised in the memos as follows:

  • Title and purpose of the memo;
  • Summary of the content of the memo in not more than five sentences followed by;
  • Prayers.

The Secretariat will produce the recommendations of the Technical Committee for Council’s deliberation on Thursday .

As part of the programme for the technical meeting , there will be presentation sessions on the NCH Theme and Sub Themes as well as other relevant issues .

Procedure for the Council Sessions

Procedure On The Conduct Of Council Meeting 16th And 17th November , 2023

The National Council on Health is the Highest policy making body on health issues in Nigeria . According to the National Health Act. it shall advise Government with respect to;

  • The development of national policies and guidelines ;
  • The implementation and administration of the National Health Policy; and
  • Various technical matters on the organization, delivery, and distribution of health services.

The deliberation on the memoranda at the Technical Session prepares the ground and produces the documents for the consideration of Council. It is expected that Council will take informed decisions on the memos based on the recommendations of the Technical committee.

The NCH is building on a transition from paper to electronic based meeting . this is an innovation started in2019 , and the Federal Ministry of Health is the first ministry of Government to make that holistic transition to e-based meetings.All documents required for deliberations will be available on the NCH App and can be accessed by Accredited Council Members . The Secretariat is to provide technical support that may arise at any time. The meeting will proceed with the consideration of the following;

  • Adoption of the Proceedings ( Minutes) of the 63rd Regular NCH meeting as amended by the Technical Committee (NCH/64/001) .
  • Adoption of the Implementation status of the Resolutions of the 63Rd Regular NCH Meeting ( NCH/64/002)
  • Recommended memoranda to council; these have been grouped according to all memoranda for the 64Th NCH , which have been grouped according to the theme and 5 sub-themes.

The memoranda would have been extensively discussed by the Technical Committee and the Summary of all the recommendations of the Technical Committee produced. this will serve as working paper .
The Council, However, is at liberty to review and approve or not to approve the recommendations from the Technical Committee


The proceedings of the NCH Meetings are confidential; as such media coverage of the 64th NCH meeting proceedings is prohibited. However, accredited media will be allowed outside the meeting venue. Information regarding media accreditation will be sent separately.

The NCH Secretariat will publish the official documentation and statements on the NCH official platforms which include:

Official Federal Ministry of Health Channels:
  • Website: www.health.gov.ng
  • Facebook:fmohnigeria
  • X(formerly Twitter): @fmohnigeria

Official Ekiti State Ministry of Health and Human Services Channels
  • Facebook:uleraekiti
  • X(formerly Twitter): @Ulera_ekiti


Medical Room

A medical room will be operational at the event venue from 13th --17th November 2023 from 07-00 - 18-00 GMT+1

During the Meeting

  • Delegates are requested to self -monitor their health and to report any illness promptly to the medical Unit at the Meeting Venue
  • A dedicated medical team will be available at meeting venue , alongside an ambulance services available for transport to appropriate health facilities , where required.


As per the updates guidelines , all participants should preferably be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. There is no need to submit any details about COVID-19 vaccinations status to the NCH Secretariat.

Medical and health services

Accessibility and Special Requirements

Participants are encouraged to inform the CH Secretariat about any special needs requiring assistance, such as accessibility and ambulatory requirements, special dietary preferences, allergies, medical issues and any other needs latest 5th November 2023. All information will be treated confidentially.

First Aid

An emergency medical support unit will be available at the venue of the NCH meeting from the 13th - 17th November. The State medical emergency teams can be called to each of the hotels as needed outside meeting hours.


Ekiti State is a state in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, bordered to the North by Kwara State, East by Kogi State, South by Ondo State and West by Osun State.

The organizers are engaging the services of both Uniformed and Non-Uniformed security officials to secure the venue of the Council meeting from unauthorized persons.

Security Tips/Advise will be provided every morning prior to commencement of meeting. Participants are advised to be mindful of their valuables.


Wireless Internet

Complimentary wireless internet will be available at the venue for the duration of the meeting. Wireless internet access details will be available from the NCH Information Help Desk and the Business Center.

Business Center

There will be a business center available at the meeting venue with limited number of computers, printing and photocopying facilities.

For Technical Issues:

Dr. Adoghe - 08077898822

Mr. Adesanya - 08023494053

Dr. Chris. - 08064197252

For Logistics Issues:

Amaka - 08035019902

Dr. Omoya - 08030637978